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Air Conditioner Repair in Humboldt, Tennessee, and Medina TN

Air MD Inc. is a heating and air service specialist in Humboldt TN that works hard to ensure the air conditioning and heating systems of its clients are in perfect working condition. Offering affordable and dependable heat & air service is the number one goal of this company. With over 25 years experience in heating and air conditioning service, Air MD brings the best value to your residential or commercial heating and air conditioning systems.

Air MD Air Conditioner Repair in Humboldt, TN, strives to provide the top customer service to residential and commercial customers the Medina TN area. Reliable and trustworthy heat pump repair and furnace repair in Medina TN is what Air MD is known for in West Tennessee. When it’s hot outside and your air conditioner is on the fritz, or it’s cold outside and your furnace or heat pump shuts down, the comfort of your home and family disappears. If you find yourself in this emergency heating and cooling situation, trust Air MD Heating & Air Conditioner Repair in Humboldt to restore your family’s comfort!

Call us for all types of heat and air service in Humboldt TN and Medina TN. We are experts in the area of heating and cooling, and it is our job to ensure your West Tennessee home is comfortable.

Furnace Repair in Humboldt TN

Your family’s health and safety could be at risk when you call a less experienced air conditioner repair in Humboldt TN, even if you’ve heard they have the biggest crew. Bigger is not always better, and in the area of furnace repair in Medina TN or heat pump repair in West Tennessee, trusting the company that cares about its customers like family is always the way to ensure the job is done right the first time.

Air MD is a family owned heating and air conditioning repair company. Our job is to restore your heating and cooling systems to perfect condition so that your Humboldt family does not suffer. We don’t want our customers to spend any more time than absolutely necessary dealing with a heating and air conditioning repair. When you call Air MD Heating & Air Conditioning Repair, you can trust that you will get a technician who is professionally trained in air conditioner repair in Medina TN. Someone who also specializes in furnace repair in Medina TN and heat pump repair in Humboldt TN.

Air Conditioner repair Humboldt TN

Humboldt TN Furnace Repair | Medina Heat & Air Service

Air MD Heating & Air Conditioner Repair in Humboldt Tennessee believes in fulfilling the needs of each and every heat and air service customer no matter what the problem, or how long it takes to repair. We work tirelessly to ensure that your West Tennessee family is comfortable and happy. Maybe we can’t solve every single problem, but when it comes to air conditioner service or other manner of heat and air repair, we can take away the grief and anxiety that plagues your Humboldt home or business.

So many other heating and air conditioning repair companies around Humboldt and Medina just look for the jobs that make them the most money. At Air MD Heating & Air Conditioning Repair, we strive to make every customer happy, regardless of how big your home is or how prestigious your office complex is. We serve West Tennessee towns of Humboldt and Medina, and all surrounding areas.

Trust Air MD when your West Tennessee family’s comfort is on the line. Our technicians are highly trained at air conditioner repair, furnace repair, and heat pump repair in Humboldt TN, as well as remote locations such as Medina TN. Don’t go with the guy that has the biggest yellow page ad, go with Air MD because we care, and will not rest until your heating and cooling problems are solved.

Heat Pump Repair in West Tennessee | Humboldt & Medina TN

If you’ve got a problem with your heating and air conditioning in Humboldt TN, then rest assured we can take care of it! We service all models, and cover all residential and commercial furnace repair and air conditioner repair in West Tennessee. No job in Humboldt TN or Medina TN is too big or too small for our highly trained heating and air service technicians. Our guys live and breath heat & air repair, which makes them the best at their jobs!

We specialize in air conditioner repair, heat pump repair and furnace repair, and all other types of heating and cooling emergencies. We also specialize in installing and replacing air conditioners and furnaces for customers whose equipment is no longer efficient and practical. Because we are an independent Carrier dealer in West Tennessee, we are authorized to install the nation’s best and most efficient furnaces, air conditioners and heat pumps.

Heat Pump repair in Medina TN

Proud to Be a Carrier Dealer of high quality Air Conditioners, Heat Pumps, and Furnaces in Humboldt TN

We are an independent Carrier dealer and HVAC Contractor operating in West Tennessee. Serving residential and commercial customers in Humboldt & Medina and all surrounding areas. We highly recommend using Carrier heating and air conditioning products on new installations in West Tennessee homes and businesses.

As an Carrier dealer and HVAC contractor, we are able to provide customers with many different air conditioning and heating systems that are ideal for residential and commercial buildings. The Carrier product line is expansive and efficient, rated to be the top in the industry, and we can install these furnaces, heat pumps and air conditioners in our customers’ homes and officers. We are a full service HVAC contractor.

Carrier Air Conditioner Repair in Humboldt TN

At Air MD Heating & Air Conditioning Repair, we do more than install Carrier heating and air conditioning units. We take our name very seriously, and just like an MD at a hospital, we take on the responsibility of your flatlines Air Conditioner or heating system, and our goal is to repair or replace it and restore comfort to your family in Humboldt.

For more information about our air conditioning systems or to set up an appointment for heat and air service for your Humboldt home or business, please don’t hesitate to contact us! As an HVAC contractor and Carrier dealer, our job is to ensure your heating and cooling is top notch.

Has Your A/C Unit Flatlined?

Are you sitting in a house with a broken air conditioner, sweating through the heat with no idea who to call for help?

Call Air MD to the rescue!

For over 29 years, the technicians at Air MD have been helping to restore homes and businesses in West Tennessee to the comfort level they expect. Whether you have a large commercial building or a small residential system, Air MD is the solution you need.


We provide heartfelt and compassionate service to our customers. We understand how you feel when your heating and cooling system fails, and we work tirelessly to ensure you don’t suffer any longer than you have to.

We service all makes and models of air conditioners, furnaces, and heat pumps. As an independent Carrier dealer, if your system is beyond repair, we can install a new system that is more efficient and less expensive to operate.

Air MD is family owned and operated, and we make our customers feel like a member of our family. We offer professional level service at competitive pricing, and a friendly smile is always included free of charge.

Trained Technicians Ready To Go

At Air MD, we are equipped to handle any job, no matter how big or small.

When you are up against a failed air conditioning or heating system, you don’t have time to search for the “right company”. That’s why we make it easy for you.

Call us and a technician will be at your door, ready to diagnose and solve the problem. If the system cannot be repaired, we can install new equipment that will adequately meet your needs and fit your budget.

Call us at (731) 784-7106 or fill out the form to the right to schedule service!